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Finder no Cage

  • Release: 9/15/2004
  • ISBN: 978-89-270-0131-7
  • Publisher: HYUNDAI I.E
  • Language: Korean

"Akihito, remember this: you're my property."
The one who saved Akihito from the trap was Asami...!? Includes "Splendor of High Rises," the story of Asami and Fei Long's fateful meeting!
The 2nd volume of the BL world's history-making "Finder Series"!!

Finder Series

  • Finder no Katsubou (First Limited Edition)
  • Finder no Rakuin
  • Finder no Netsujou
  • Finder no Shinjitsu
  • Finder no Ryoshu
  • Finder no Sekiyoku
  • Finder no Cage
  • Finder no Hyouteki