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Finder no Sekiyoku

  • Release: 2/20/2006
  • ISBN: 978-89-270-0103-4
  • Publisher: HYUNDAI I.E
  • Language: Korean

"I've already lost interest in setting you free. Perhaps I'll ask you to accompany me into the abyss?"
Just when Asami and Akihito decided to confront their own feelings, Akihito falls into Fei Long's trap!!
Includes the Japan chapter of "Naked Truth".
The 3rd volume of the "Finder Series"!!

Finder Series

  • Finder no Katsubou (First Limited Edition)
  • Finder no Rakuin
  • Finder no Netsujou
  • Finder no Shinjitsu
  • Finder no Ryoshu
  • Finder no Sekiyoku
  • Finder no Cage
  • Finder no Hyouteki