Year-End Greetings

Hello everyone! This is Ayano Yamane (*^-^*)

I'm very happy that the English version of my official website has given me the opportunity to introduce my works in detail to all of you overseas fans, and I feel that I have become even closer to you.

From now on, I hope to make information more easily accessible to everyone overseas on roughly the same timeline as in Japan. I'd be very happy if you came to take a peek every once in a while (^-^)

In October, I was able to be a guest at Yaoi-Con in San Francisco in the United States. It's been 6 years since I went to America for Yaoi-Con in 2004. I was greatly honored to be invited again for the convention's 10th anniversary!

Just like 6 years ago, many manga fans from all over flocked to the event, and I was truly impressed! I normally spend my days just drawing manga at home, so it's not very easy to experience the fans.

Being in a distant country, where I was able to directly meet and experience people from various countries with different languages and cultures who are supporting my works, was very precious to me, and I feel that it is a rare thing in my life.

There were many Crimson Spell cosplayers there, and the workmanship of the costumes was excellent, so I was very happy (*^^*) I immediately told my editor, and we were both delighted together.

Also, the Fei Long fans in America were very passionate. Wherever you go, his fans are intense, aren't they?

To everyone who came to see me there, thank you very much for a fun time! Your words and smiling faces are an important memory to me.

I'll continue working hard to create works for everyone to enjoy, so thank you for your support. I wish you an even better New Year!

Ayano Yamane