New volume Finder no Netsujou!

Hello! Sorry for not writing in a while.

A new Finder volume is coming out after nearly two years, so Libre and Animate have been doing campaigns and other promotions for me, so here I am along with my greetings!

While I was working on this volume, the Great Tohoku (Northeast Japan) Earthquake happened. I extend my condolences to everyone who has suffered and whose lives are still disrupted.

Because I live in western Japan, I can only see the situation there through the images on the Internet and on television. But unable to bear the thought of the sorrow and sense of loss among those who have lost something precious, and the devastation of the beautiful coastal cities, I asked myself whether it was okay to be drawing manga. I couldn't cheer myself up, and I became faint-hearted and depressed.

During that time, I received messages through Twitter from people from the affected regions, saying "I'm looking forward to it!" Being the one encouraged by them, rather than the other way around, I once again felt a deep gratitude to my readers. Because there are people who are awaiting my work even in the middle of a disaster, I can't let myself get down...!

While everyone was starting their various support efforts, I thought about what I myself should do. I figured that providing "moe" and pleasure like always would make them the happiest! I discussed with my editor, and taking the readers' words to heart, we somehow managed to successfully release the new volume. It's the same erotic manga as always, but I'll be happy if you enjoy it (^o^)

There are 2 types of booklets it comes with, so please choose as you like (^-^)/

This volume was able to safely reach bookstores on the scheduled release date with the assistance of many people - the ones who searched desperately for paper due to the damaged paper mills, the ones who stayed overnight at the printing house to make sure the two types of substitute paper wouldn't get mixed together, the printing house that waited for the manuscript until the last minute, and the editor who encouraged me as always...!

Before this, I had no idea of just how many people I'm supported by when drawing my manga. I am truly eternally grateful.

Through people like that who are trying to somehow rebuild industries damaged by the disaster, I witnessed the resilience of Japan's manufacturing.

I love the seafood from the Sanriku coast, and I always buy Tohoku vegetables. And without the people who make paper and ink, I can't make a living. The strength of the Tohoku people is necessary for Japan.

That's why I wish for the day to come soon when all of their worries are over and they can reclaim their normal lives.