Topic: Koi wo suru serie ( Mizuno and Hiyama)

I love this series^^.

I like finder, but my big favorite series from A.Y. is koi wo suru ( mizuno and hiyama). I hope Libre plan a many chapters…many volumes of books^^.

I would like buy some goods of koi wo suru series, but I can´t find nothing in the shops (I buy on amiami, because I don´t live in japan).

My wish:
1. hiyama & Mizuno big figures 1/8 or 1/10 by kotobukiya
2. Chibi figures of hiyama & mizuno by kotobukiya (kotobukiya figures are very good, expensive but good)
3. stamps of both
4. and other some goods
5. manga and doujinshis about both^^

Year I know its not possible, but I wish it so much.
I love halloween images and alice in wonderland and christmas images…what do you think about..can imagine to draw some pictures with hiyama & mizuno with this theme...

So bye^^.